About KCCF

The Kern County Cancer Fund was founded to help pay for the treatment of cancer patients who lack insurance or sufficient funds to pay for their medical care and to assist patients and their families with financial assistance for needs related to their care. Program applicants are individually reviewed by a patient eligibility committee, which includes volunteer medical professionals, medical social workers and a medical financial counselor. The primary consideration for acceptance in the Kern County Cancer Fund is a demonstrated need for financial assistance from a local patient to obtain cancer treatment and care.

Underinsured or uninsured patients will receive funds to bridge the gap between insurance costs and cancer related screenings, diagnosis and treatment. Financial assistance for other emergency requests related to their well-being will also be considered. The Kern County Cancer Fund serves residents of all ages and ethnic groups in Kern County regardless of where they receive their treatment. Insured cancer patients who become unable to work may qualify to have their monthly insurance premiums paid.

The Kern County Cancer Fund provides cancer treatment funding for patients in Kern County through a collaborative partnership with local healthcare providers and generous supporters. All of the money raised will be distributed on behalf of Kern County cancer patients and their families.